How to guarantee business failure?

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows nor victory nor defeat”
- Theodore Roosevelt -

Over the past seven months, we traveled together a long distance, we learned about how one should conduct their business (and even their lives). It is an exciting journey and the best is yet to come. Success is great, but I think we can learn a lot from our failures.

Last night, I heard a speech given by Charles Munger. At one point he said “Tell me where I’m going to die, that is, so I don’t go there”. I liked it. It made me think about my business. It made me think about failure and success.

“Tell me how a business fails, that is, so I don’t go there”.

Let me tell you the key lessons I have learned to guarantee your business failure. These key lessons will tell you what not to do.

Lesson #1 – Establish your business with the wrong partner

This one is an easy one. Go ahead and establish a business with a person who does not share your vision, establish it with a person that is in it for the wrong reasons. Establish it with a selfish and dishonest person.

The same goes about hiring employees. Make sure to hire the wrong employee, the one who will leave you when things go bad. Hire someone who will cheat, be dishonest and rude to your clients. Be very persistence in not compensating your employees for success.

Lesson #2 – Stay down

Make sure to stay down, feel sorry for yourself and never get up when things are bad. Stay down when your product launch fails. Stay down when your systems stop working. Stay down when your best client leaves you and definitely stay down when the entire printed and posted media claims you are history. Make sure to stay down and never get up.

Lesson #3 – Be envy of every successful people and business

Resent every successful person. Envy every person on the Forbes 400 list, the top students in your college, everyone who has ever written a biography or mentioned as a success in media. Make sure to publicly claim their success is a result of getting born to the right family, cheating or just dumb luck.

Lesson #4 – Never learn new things

Dismiss any opportunity for learning. Snub any new ideas. Ignore every signal which points out (screams out) that you are going down the wrong path. Believe only in your ideas. Base all your decisions on your own (old) facts. Pay no attention to smart people’s advice.

And my favorite one, Lesson #5 – Never dream big

Listen to everyone who tells you “it will never work”. Be certain that only rich people can dream. Be sure to surround yourself only with people that live little. Never attempt to try new things. Don’t ever be creative. Be afraid to share your dreams. Believe in failure.

I believe we are born to be great. I believe I was born to inspire. I believe I was born to increase curiosity! What do you believe in?

Can’t wait to tell you about my new venture, only two more weeks to start the legend 


A parting thought – You can find great insights about partnership in this book by Nina Kaufman.

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