How to make your client feel welcomed?

“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug”
- Helen Keller -

It is Saturday morning. Ashley is in the kitchen making her favorite waffles together with my hubby who is there, so called, “supervising”. I am upstairs, going over my to-do list.
Today I am conducting one of my most favorite activities, designing the welcome package for my future wedding service clientele.

You may be wondering what a welcome package is and what it is good for. Well, I had the same thoughts when I first spoke with Athena about it. We all know the importance of the relationships we build with our clients, it make sense, if our clients expect us to be more than just a service provider, there is a greater chance that they will request for our services again and maybe even refer their friends to us. A welcome package is a way for us, business owners and employers, to build a relationship.

In my chocolate store, I try to build the relationship by creating a feeling of more than just a store. I make sure I get to know my clients (more about how to do that in a few steps in a later post) and I am committed to make each client who enter through the door feel special and inspired.

My wedding service line of business requires more than that. It is a bigger investment than purchasing a box of chocolate, and there are a lot of worries and doubts in my clients’ mind as they want to make sure they make the right decision. Athena taught me the power of a personalized welcome package to alleviate client worries and as a great tool of building stronger relationships.

Every time I go over the option list and the different types of chocolate boxes for the wedding guests, I see this little nervousness in my clients’ eyes. What happens if we pick the wrong one? What happens if it is not tasty? What happens if you do not deliver on time? What happens if the chocolate melts?

During our meeting, I cover all the details with the clients, making sure they understand how the service works, what my business commitment to them is, what they can expect. I review pricing, options, providing them with tasting samples, I make sure they know exactly what they are getting, and how wonderful it will be for their guest to go home and taste this sweet chocolate reminding them of the great wedding. It is a great service.

A lot of business owners stop here, great service, great product, and a happy client.

For me, it is only the beginning, now is my opportunity to build the relationship, it is my opportunity to welcome my clients to Liz chocolate community. This is why I sit down now and designing the welcome package. My welcome package is an assortment of special items to make the new client feel, hmm, welcomed!

Welcome package is a simple idea used by many workplaces, but I think many are missing the opportunity. Many workplaces just give you a box with the regular pens, cup holder and maybe a shirt, they give it to everyone, you feel good, and it’s nice but is it great?

I do it a bit differently, my welcome package includes about 80% of similar things sent to all clients, but the other 20% of the items are unique, they are special, they are personal. It can be the travel magazine to Australia for the couple’s honeymoon, a ticket to their favorite museum, or I may wrap their chocolate box with their favorite childhood TV show wrapper. Once they receive their welcome package they know they are now welcomed to a growing and special community. They know it was prepared especially for them. They will be clients for life.

So here you go, a welcome package is not just about the package, it is about the welcome.

How do you welcome your clients or your employees?


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