It is your decision, own it!

“[As the Giant flies toward the missile]
Hogarth Hughes: [in the Giant's mind] You are who you choose to be.
The Iron Giant: Superman”

- The Iron Giant (1999) / Warner Bros. –

We are faced with many decisions throughout our lifetime. We are facing many decisions on a daily basis. Some decisions may sound simple, what should I wear today? Which type of cereals should I eat today? Some decisions are more complex, should I get 12 months unlimited yoga card? Should I rent this apartment? And some may be life changing decisions, what college should I attend? What profession should I pursue? Should I marry this guy? Should I start my own business? Should I be a business owner?

The important thing to remember is that we are the ones who choose, we own the decision, we own the outcome, we can not blame anyone for our decisions (not even ourselves!), we are accountable for making our decisions, we are responsible for acting based on the decision. We are who we choose to be.

Sounds simple, right? Of course we choose. Who else chooses? Of course we own our decisions. Who else owns them? So, why do we often blame others for the outcomes? Why do we make excuses? Why do we allow others to choose our reality?

I am sitting with my little girl, Ashley, she is so beautiful with her big blue eyes, her curious look, and her famous half smile. We are watching (again!) The Iron Giant movie.

The movie is about a young and adventurer kid (Hogarth Hughes), who one day discovers a giant robot. The robot is thought to be an alien invader, and government agents try to capture it. Hogarth is faced with a big problem, how to hide his giant new friend from the snooping agents. As the adventure unfolds, Hogarth and the Iron Giant become best friends and teach each other many life long lessons. Every business owner should watch this movie! Please watch it!

Hogarth Hughes: [to the Giant, in battle mode] It’s bad to kill. Guns kill. And you don’t have to be a gun. You are what you choose to be. You choose. Choose.

I am already in tears. Ashley looks at me, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I look at my daughter and say “I am crying because I know it is up to me to choose, I choose, I own my choice, no one chooses for me, I choose”. Ashley looks a bit puzzled “Mommy, I really like the Iron Giant! And Hogarth too, can we watch it again tomorrow?” I can’t even talk now, just nodding, we continue to watch the movie.

We face many tough decisions in life, unfortunately most of us let other people choose for them, what to wear, what to do, what to say, where to be, what to own, where to live, what to read, and even what to think ?!

I believe the greatest asset of a business owner and of every human being is the ability to choose, there are many countries in the world where this ability does not exist. And yet, I see so many people in my home town, in my country that takes pride in the freedom of choice, allowing others to choose for them.

It is easy to let other people choose for you. It is easy because you can then fault others for your own situation. It is so easy, so many of us are falling into this trap. It is easy because then you don’t have to take ownership. It is scary to choose, it is scary to take ownership, when you take ownership you don’t have the ability to look around for fault, and you can only look inside yourself. It is scary to take full ownership, it is scary to choose, but it is the only way to fulfill your dreams!

Making your own choices is the only way to achieve your dreams and wishes, the ones that are sometimes hidden under all the day-to-day stuff. Letting other people choose for you is living the life of others, and who wants that?

I choose to be a business owner, I choose to be a mother, I choose to laugh and cry whenever I feel like it, I choose to be different, I choose to say what I think, I choose to take the right way, not the easy one, the right one. I choose to delight my clients. I choose to change the world one chocolate bite at a time. I choose to make a difference.

You are what you choose to be. You choose. Choose.


This blog post is dedicated for all people who choose who they want to be!

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