Strength in Numbers


“Look up! In the sky, It’s a bird, It’s a plane, No! It’s Superman”

We all have dreams of becoming the hero, the one who saves the day. Who doesn’t want to be Superman? Who doesn’t want to save the day?

Who doesn’t want to be the charismatic leader? The one people admire and follow, sometimes with no questions asked. The one who has a bigger than life vision, don’t you want to achieve your bigger than life vision.

How about the entertainment celebrity? the one whose pictures are all over the news and social media. The one who makes millions, the one who live in this amazing house on the coast with an infinity pool, hey, who doesn’t want an infinity pool? ☺

Who doesn’t dream to be the unstoppable athlete, singer or musician the one whom all competitors are fearful of? The one who doesn’t even look human in their abilities? Be like mike…

Who doesn’t want to taste their brilliant power and fame? Don’t you? Maybe just a little bit?

Let me tell you a little secret, it’s quite lonely to be that person. At the end of the day, Superman flies back to his fortress of solitude not to his group of friends to share their success and enjoy the evening together, there is no team Superman. It’s lonely to be Superman.

We are all brilliant, we all have hidden talents, and we have this beaming light inside of us. How can we gather the courage to bring it to life? How can we have the courage to share our talents without being afraid to stay alone at the top?

You see, it’s really quite simple. All you need to do is to find your numbers.

My numbers? Yes, yes, yes your numbers are your teammates, the ones who share the glory, the ones who will achieve new heights together with you, the ones who will share with you the defeats and the successes, the ones that make it all worthwhile, your team, your group, your numbers! Find your strength in numbers, together, we not I! It is so much more fun and natural to do it together. You don’t have to be successful and lonely. It is easier to dare greatly together!

In the end, even Superman founded Justice League. He found his strength in numbers ☺

* This post is dedicated to Steve Kerr (who coined the term “Strength in Numbers”), Joseph Lacob, and Peter Guber who assembled a group of unbelievably talented individuals, which together support each other and individually climb to new heights. These are warriors, who together achieved the unheard of. #GSW #StrengthInNumbers #DubNation #WeNotI

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