The 4 questions you need to answer to attract your perfect client

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer”
- Peter Drucker -

A few years ago, when I just opened my little venture, I had one really annoying client, you know the type, the one who come in, ask questions, ask to try some of the products, ask some more questions, ask to try some of the hot chocolate and at the end of his visit, he may purchase just one piece of chocolate (on a lucky day) and leave the store.

“It’s not fair” I told Athena, she looked at me, half entertained and half questioning.
“I know, I know, I should be happy having any client, I can provide sweetness to all, but I know that there are better clients out there, why is he coming all the time, why is he not buying anything, why doesn’t he respect my time and my business products?”.

Athena looked at me, put her hand on my shaky hand and said “Liz, every business owner gets the clients they deserve”.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear, yea right! I looked at Athena, I was really upset and said “I do everything to make my business unique. My chocolate is from the finest ingredients, no water you know, real milk, no powder. It’s not fair”.

Athena reached for her bag (where is she getting these gorgeous hand bags??) and pulled out a book, she then said “Liz read this book, and once done we can talk more”, she paid for her coffee and left me with the book.

I looked at the cover, “Attracting Perfect Customers”…hmmm, I was told that once I build a valuable products the clients will come. Can I really attract my clients, the clients I want to have?

I remembered reading the book all night long, I was fascinated. I realized it is up to me to attract my clients. It is up to me to define who I want my business to attract. It is up to me! I can actively work on getting the perfect clients, the clients my business deserve.

Success is not necessarily defined by getting more clients. It can be defined by getting the right clients, the perfect clients. The clients who are perfect for my business, the clients who are perfect for my business vision, the clients who are perfect for me and I am for them.

Go ahead read the book. You will get plenty of insights on how to attract the clients you want. I know some of you are thinking, yes this is just another marketing book, well I’m telling you, it’s not! It will make you see clients and your business in a different light. Go ahead read the book!

For me, one of the exercises which I liked the most was defining my perfect client. Let me tell you how I go about taking the first step to attract my perfect client. The first step is to define my perfect client. You see, I believe you first need to define your perfect client, and then take actions to attract that client to your business. Makes sense, right? Athena agreed with me so it had to be true, she is a very wise woman :-).

Before I start, bring your notebook, notepad or any piece of paper you can write on, and promise me to write at least three answers to each question before moving on to the next one.

Are you back? Cool, Ok, so write at the top of your page:

“My perfect client is…” and write at least three items about your perfect client, here are my top ones:

My perfect client is…
• Honest
• Having a great sense of humor
• Treat me with great respect
• Willing to listen and learn
• Enjoy and appreciate her good life

Did you write several points of your own? Awesome, next write the following “What makes my perfect client tick?”.

Here are some of my own answers:

What makes my perfect client tick?
• Being around her family and surrounded by good friends
• Striving to be the best in her vocation
• Traveling and experiencing new places and new tastes

If you are brave enough :-) add to that list what makes you tick, here are my answers:
• My family
• The feeling of importance when inspiring people to be the best they can be
• Being the best in delivering inspiration, wisdom and curiosity
• Creating a secured future for all

Are you ready for some more? Perfect, now go ahead and write down the following: “I choose my perfect client to expect me to…”

And here are my answers:

“I choose my perfect client to expect me to…”
• Be honest and trustworthy in all my affairs
• Provide inspiring products in a unique and welcoming environment
• Create an oasis of sweetness and security
• Change her life by exploring new ideas, tastes and experiences

Writing about it makes me so excited. I know all this led me to great clients and even more, fantastic new friends!

To make this exercise really powerful and useful try to write at least 10 points for each question. You really need to invest some time in it. It is not a 10 minute exercise. This is not an urgent activity but it is definitely an important one! You can find my thoughts about important activities at “Taking Control of My Time (Can I really do that?)“.

Ok, great job so far! Let’s look at my final question and write it down:

“I commit that my company will serve ____ perfect clients in the next 12 months!”

Challenge yourself! Go ahead and think of the number which will make you happy and your business successful. How many new perfect clients do you want? Is it 2, 20, 200, or maybe 20,000? How many lives do you want to impact? I want to inspire 100 people every year in every one of my stores. One day I know I will be able to inspire 10,000 people every year. WOW, what a feeling!

Athena knocks on the door. She is always my first customer on Saturday. Athena is my perfect client, I am so happy, I hear Ashley running to the door, welcoming Athena. She says “Dear Miss Athena would you like us to surprise you today with our wonderful Brazilian hot chocolate?” I’m in tears now. My little daughter is attracting my perfect client. I hear Athena laughs, as she says “I would love that, dear, I would love that”.


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