The importance of celebrating success

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”
- Oprah Winfrey -

I had a very good week, it was the first week and actually the first time my store sold ice cream, it proved to be a tremendous successful idea. My business revenue for the week was 40% above the same week last year and profits were even higher. I got many party orders, many new customers came to my store and people asked for more ice cream flavors. I think Charlie and I really hit the nail on its head with this one. I think the habit formation is definitely in play, who knew that ice cream can be such a great addition to my chocolate store?

I am reviewing my business financials, that’s my Sunday morning habit, it’s a good habit, and it’s an important one. I should be very pleased but instead, I am thinking “what if it’s just a beginner’s luck? What happens if this week we will not have any customers? What happens if the ice cream delivery will be delayed?”

In business and in life there are many things to worry about, things that can go wrong, disappointments, we have many challenges to fear from. We have many “What if?” thoughts and worries.

I visited an amazing company last week, a company that celebrates success. They do it publicly and they do it internally. They encourage their employees to find reasons to celebrate success. Instead of trying to “catch” employees for something that they did wrong, they encourage their employees to look for and “catch” successful moments.

There is an amazing vibe as you get into the offices of this company, high fives can be seen frequently, pat on the back is as common as breathing, they even have a large electronic board in the center of the office which displays images of employees who just achieved something meaningful with a few words about it, it can be signing a new contract with a client, it can be a new implementation of their service, or it can be a new revenue milestone.

Of course, a client may leave, a contract can be cancelled, revenue can be disappointing, all this can easily happen and when it happens, the leaders of this company are reviewing the reasons and learn from it, but they do not let failures or challenges stop them from continuing on celebrating success.

There is something addicting about celebrating success, once you start it, once you see the images and names on the board, you want more of it, you crave for it, you want more of its taste, the company really follow Tom Peters saying “Celebrate what you want to see more of”.

I think we all crave to be recognized, and recognition for a success is a key in retaining your employees, it is a key in retaining the spirit of your business, it is a key in getting yourself motivated. It is easy to worry about what was and what will be, it is important to learn from our failures and prepare for the future, but it is equally important to stop and celebrate our success.

So I go out now with my hubby and buy our favorite strawberry and pistachio ice cream, time to celebrate a great week!

How are you going to celebrate your business success today?


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