The little secret of keeping your clients (and your friends)

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
- John F. Kennedy -

Few days ago, my good friend Dani shares this video with me, it is a 7 minute video about a little secret toward becoming happier. Spoiler alert, stop here if you want to watch the video! Ok, are you back? Great, so you now know the secret to increase your happiness level. It is expressing gratitude toward the people you care about.

I shed many tears during watching the video. The second time, I asked my young daughter Ashley to join me, and yes, I cried again when Ashley simply said “I think I would have called my mom”.

I thought quite a bit about gratitude. I feel so much better after expressing gratitude to my friends and the people I care about but why don’t we do it as business owners? We send thank you cards after a big purchase (do you?), and yes, we send once a year a thank you card during thanksgiving holiday (do you?), everyone is doing it. Is doing that really expressing our gratitude?

I have several clients, without them, I will not be in business today. I have investors and suppliers whom I owe my business life to.  Have I ever expressed my gratitude to them? Really Liz, have you really expressed your gratitude?

Studies show it takes several times the effort (and cost) to acquire a new client compared to keeping an existing client. Yet, so many books are written about finding new clients. How many books are written about keeping your current clients? Sometimes we take our clients, employees, suppliers and even our families for granted. Many times we are surprised when they leave us. Should we really be surprised?

I came to realize this simple little secret of keeping my clients. Show them your gratitude, express it in writing, show it in your service level, surprise them with unique products, and make sure they know all this is possible because of them. Make it a magical experience for them, this is the little secret.

So here is 3 step plan for the next week (I promise to repeat):

  1. Create a list of my top 5-10 clients/suppliers/investors, the ones who my business would not exist without. They may be the first ones, the largest ones, the ones which refer the most clients to my business. You know who they are!
  2. Write a special thank you letter for them. I will hand write it. I will express my sincere gratitude. I will even tell them why they are so important to me.
  3. I will mail them my letter together with something special (their favorite chocolate).

Just writing it down makes me happy. You see, there is a “side effect” of expressing gratitude. By doing it you not only have clients for life, you will also become happier J.

When will you create your list?


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