Why shall we continue to push forward?

“Energy and persistence conquer all things”
- Benjamin Franklin -

Last week I went for the first time to the 2013 NY Comic-Con! No… I was not dressed up like wonder woman. It was just me and my best friend. I was exposed to so much talent, so much art and a lot of amazing people. I went looking for inspiration. I went looking for creativity and ideas. I never thought I would find it in one of those small panels (discussion groups).

In that panel, there was a young guy named Ryan North who spoke of his experience as a webcomic person. I probably didn’t remember the exact story, however, Ryan, in his own funny way, told the crowd about his early days as a struggling artist. The days he was trying to sell 3 t-shirts a day (his benchmark for paying rent and getting food) and slowly getting to the higher mark of 4 t-shirts a day (at that point he could afford eating meat as well…).

I thought about it a lot. I hear quite a bit of stories about struggling artists and I got to know many of them. Many just give up. They drop their passion and just did “what is expected”. They got a “regular” job. They ignore their talent and aspirations.

I hear them promising me that one day, when they have money and time, they will pursue their passion. “You know Liz, I need to take care of the family. I need to take care of myself. I want to buy a house. I don’t have time to create anymore”. All good reasons but…

I don’t know Ryan’s personally. All I know about him came from listening to him for about 30 minutes, reading (and enjoying!) his work, and learning a bit about his other projects. I don’t think Ryan is waiting to have money or time. I think each of us has a Ryan within her. For me, Ryan represents energy and persistence.

It is easy to check out other people’s successes. You can just opened up the Forbes 400 list and say ah, this is how they did it. However, the Forbes 400 list, as well as, the Wikipedia page, the movie credits, the awards, the net worth, the brilliant product, the marketing idea, the brand, the network, the revenue or the listing as the best project/company/place to work on/with/at misses one thing. Persistence!

Every successful person faced struggles, challenges, setbacks but they all pushed forward, they all absorbed the pain and moved forward. Persistence and energy!

I was looking for inspiration and I found energy and persistence. Maybe this is what inspiration is all about. It was a great day. Now back to work, make the world sweet!


On November 2012 Ryan launched a Kickstarter project to fund his book called “To Be or Not To Be: That is the Adventure” with a goal of raising $20,000. After a mere 30 days, Ryan raised a whopping $580,905. I am inspired! Go Ryan!

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