Will your wishes come true?

“If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true”
- Cinderella -

It is my birthday today! I am … years old :-). Every year, I take some time to reflect on my accomplishments over the past year, my life and to express my gratitude to the people who helped me make it all become a reality. I do one more thing, early in the morning, when the house is still quiet, before the celebrations begins, before the sun rises, I renew my beliefs and plan what I need to do to make my wishes come true.

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved watching Disney movies. I would dream of being a princess in a castle. I would dream of white horses and beautiful dresses. I would dream of many great things. My mother used to tell me that every year on my birthday, I used to detail all my wishes before I blew out the candles on my cake. She told me it took over 30 minutes. My mom always quoted Cinderella and told me that if I believe, my wishes would come true.

Well, it’s not that simple, right? It‘s not easy to just spread the pixie dust and poof, your wishes will come true. We all wish for better. We all have our dreams. We all really want to achieve them. We sometimes feel we deserve to have it. We deserve the castle. Why not?

As I grew up, I came to learn more about Disney and many other successful entrepreneurs; I made it a goal to learn as much as I can about successful people. I made it my goal to know more about achieving dreams. Cinderella was talking about believing and then wishes would come true. Is believing all that is needed?

I learned that believing is an important aspect, but it is only a prerequisite for making my wishes come true. You see, Cinderella never said it out loud, Cinderella showed it to us, but she never spelled it out. The key to make your wishes come true is to plan and do, yes do! Cinderella could have just sat at home and dreamed and wished all she wanted, if she would not have gone to the party, if she would not have had the courage to dance, she would have continue to mop the floors.

Cinderella believed in her dreams, but Cinderella also took action!

Disney knew he could not have Cinderella say it, but he said it, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

Believing, planning and doing are the essential ingredients to success. These are my pixie dust, this is why I sit in the early morning to plan and take actions to make my wishes come true. I get up to do!

I hear Ashley singing “Happy birthday to you…” Oh I can’t wait till I share my wishes with her. I can’t wait to show the world how I am going to achieve every single one of them.

Happy birthday to me! Go pixie dust!


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